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bliss life yoga
     class descriptions & technology used 


"enjoy waves of movement arising from your body and within nature as the very essence of the universe ~ then with peace of mind, become one with this divinity."  ~ vijnana bhairava tantra



The following descriptions on this page are all part of your full spectrum, well rounded experience during our group sadhana classes here at Bliss Life Yoga. As we navigate the flow, all is revealled to us along the way creating an amazing experience that is perfect for that moment in time together.  

All Tuesday Night Classes combine the wisdom and inspiration from the descriptions you are about to read.. so you don't need to "worry" about "choosing" what style class.. Just join us and begin living in the flow with us!

       Group Sadhana (Class) Levels


All classes are geared towards beginners, experienced beginners / intermediate welcoming all. While some classes may challenge you more than others, you make each class your own by honoring to start from where you are, and building from thereBeing a mixed level class, students are reminded and guided to move intelligently within their own limits at that present moment, to organically unfold. Vinyasa Krama (stages of evolution) are always offeredWith continued immersion within these group class journeys,  you will nourish mind, body and soul, improve your overall physical conditioning, flexibility and your ability to meditate, focus your mind, deepen your connection to Source and Self and find and be in the flow of your own life rhythm. I offer fun, soulful, spiritual experiences that support and inspire while you open to your own enchanted discoveries along your personal journey to awakening!


    Soulful ~ Prana Flow ® Vinyasa Yoga

     prana = life force of creation
      vinyasa = evolution, wave, cycle
flow =  the state of unified consciousness

 Karendayal's soulful classes are shaktiful, creativeand are a full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga inspired by her Master Teacher Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective. In these transformational classesKarendayal  intuitivly teaches each class serving the needs of each moment and student. Enjoy creative, balanced, and intelligent sequencing of flow yogic asanas, initiated and led by our sacred breath, listening and responding from our arising inner wisdom to meet the present moment and flow with the continuous movement of energyReceive a full body physical workout, as well as exercise your mind, nurture your emotional body, and feed your soul for transformation and radiant health. Classes are ritual sadhanas (a groove to one's self) they are spiritual in nature and guide you into being yoga vs doing yoga. You are brought back home to yourself, and deepen your connection to Source and the world we live in. Awakens the shakti of living yoga, encouraging you to serve life and love in all the ways you can and know how and to be & live yoga far off your mat.

Your journey is deepened with world music, chanting/mantra, pranayama, mudra, meditation, sacred readings, and poetry.  You will return to your life in greater harmony with yourself and the world around youThese classes are fun, dynamic, inspiring, and comfortably challenging, allowing you to experience your inner freedom, strength, grace, and power as a soul who has a human body.

* intended for injury free students*

be sure to let Karendayal know of any  acute/chronic  injuries prior to class

arrange for private instruction if you have recent injuries and need help with a personalized therapeutic plan/treatment

About Prana Flow

Embrace the flow and allow the prana to guide you.

Prana : "life-force of creation"
Flow : the state of unified consciousness

Prana Flow is an energetic, creative, full-spectrum approach to embodying the flow of yoga cultivated by Shiva Rea and the Global Vinyasa Collective of Teachers. Students of all levels are empowered to experience prana - the universal source of breath, life-energy and conscious intelligence - as the navigating source of yoga practice and vital living. Practitioners learn classical and innovative approaches to vinyasa yoga and the state of flow drawn from Krishnamacharya's teachings, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti.

Prana Flow is also:

an evolutionary method of embodied transformation and radiant health cultivating inner and outer 
strength and fluidity 
skill and intuition 
vital energy and relaxed being
activation and receptivity 
through balanced and creative fluid sequences (vinyasas) 
a catalyst for transforming old patterns and paradigms of the body, self and the world to discover the potency and creativity within 
a way of liberating the natural flow of the spontaneous intelligence 
a cultivation of the art of yoga including movement, music, sound, visual arts and poetry to deepen the flow 
a way to ride the waves of breath, change and life rhythms 
living, loving, serving life in all forms.

Kundalini Yoga


 (as taught by Yogi Bhajan PhD, Master of Kundalini Yoga)

It is a positive and powerful practice that uses kriyas (special sequenced sets including movement, body postures, mantra, mudra, meditation, and breath to bring about a therapeutic/energetic effect) to connect you with your Sat Nam (true identity/soul's truth).  Its power lies in the actual experienceIt goes right to your heart to heal, uplift, transform, and radiate your inner grace, helping you to understand your exsistence in relationship to the universe.  The dynamic and powerful practice of Kundalini Yoga not only delivers an incredible physical strengthining and noticable increase in flexibility, but deeply balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and enables us to harness the energy of the mind and the emotions so we can be in control of ourselves, rather than being controlled by our thoughts and feelingsIt teaches a method by which you can acheive the sacred purpose of your life.


During group sadhana (classes) we experience meditation in motion bringing us into stillness. We sometimes  observe social silence
for deeper inner focus and reflection.  Experience musical meditations with uplifting mantras, pranayama, walking meditations, guided meditations,  kriya and mudra meditations, and seated silent meditations. Meditations vary with the bhavana (feeling state) within each class.

"Meditation is a way of clearing away the mental clutter that surrounds the subconscious.  And when our minds are clear, we can see and experience the joy of our own soul." ~ Gurmukh

  Yoga Trance Dance 

Dance and Yoga are ways of calling ourselves back into our bodies to irrigate our being with life energy known in yoga as "prana". Prana is the animating force, the energy of being alive, and is most clearly felt through breathing. Yoga Trance Dance is an exploration of the eternal flow of natural movement through yoga. A high energy movement meditation to liberate your creative life force! Beginning in sahaja prana yoga (or the experience of prana initiating yoga asanas) yoga trance dance then organically flows into an exploration of free-form, breath driven movement to cultivate embodied freedom, catalyze the collective consciousness through movement, to live love, serve life, experience and express pure joy and bliss! Rather then emphasizing an outward performance, the goal of trance dance is to let your creative energy move through you to be guided by breath/spirit. We then come back to prana yoga, with a body blessing movement meditation to integrate our experience and become aware of any insights that have surfaced and to harmonize to "our dancing universe".

Bhakti Yoga (Kirtan)

Bhakti. Love. The yoga of devotion. Kirtan is many things. It is a beautiful and significant way of connecting to and communicating with the Divine. It is a form of singing known as chanting. By repeating the name of the Divine through repetitious mantras in sacred sanskrit you cultivate union with the ultimate force of the universe, calm your mind, still your soul and open your heart. This practice was developed in India many thousands of years ago. The idea being that sound has a specific vibration and frequency and channels of energy are created and carried through the universe. Because sound moves through us, as do ripples in water, there is a widening effect of the heart allowing for increased love and compassion to flow into us, from us and through us. Through this we connect with others and all things.
Kirtans are a joyous, blissful celebration to see and feel the unique spark of divinity within yourself and others and to wholeheartedly honor the Divine Presence.

Karma Yoga

The "yoga of action"; "devotion to duty"; "selfless service". Karma yoga is the yoga of awareness of our actions and their consequences. Also known as "the yoga of doing", it is fundamentally the yoga of sevice, and is based on the idea that our kinship with humanity is made concrete when we serve others selflessly, offering our skills, resources, time, energy, or entire lives from a place of service without regard to recognition, outcome, or personal gain. Karma yoga can take the form of charity work, volunteer service, selfless teaching, or other avenues of unconditional giving. When we heal the world, we heal ourselves.

 yogic technology used 

  the eight limbs of yoga ( yama, niyama, asana, pranayama,  pratyahara, dharana, dhyana and samadhi) which are described in patanjalis yoga sutras ~ they provide a practicle way of living happily in the world while gradually moving one's consciousness inward




(body mudras ~ postures or sitting)

keeps our body temple strong
flexible and healthy

circulating the flow of prana throughout our being

balancing and awakening a deep unity within








         (yogic breathing)  
prana (breath) and yama (restraint, regulation,control)
the method of controlling prana 
through the regulation of breathing ~ expansion/extension 

practiced to deepen one's yoga, enhance the flow of
life force through the body, control the wandering mind
and acheive union with the Divine








             (sacred hand, fingers or body postures )
from mud ("joy") and ra ("to give")
to give salutations and offerings during yoga, ritual, meditation

mudras are energy"seals" because they seal 
(mudranat) the energy of the universe within the body
leading to higher states of consciousness

          healing, cleansing, & activating physical, emotional, mental & spiritual release                                   






(sacred sound current)
from the verb man ( to think) and tra (instumental)
" instrument of thought"
a word or phrase with sacred or spiritual resonance, significance
or value ~ that which brings thoughts together; mind guiding sound, to raise    consciousness and activates divine energy within & connects us to all living things



    (energy locks)
from the verb root bandh ("to bind")

body locks formed by engaging internal muscles
they lock prana in one place, encouraging the building 
           of energetic power, preventing it from dissipating~ 
           energy can then be re-directed in a natural and healthy way  
strengthens and balances the nervous system and subtle 
body and can be used for a variety of therapeutic effects



internalization of the senses,
brings one further inward by removing sense distraction 
from the mind

          the posture for deep relaxation, dissolving the
          body/mind  into a state of deep spiritual peace
                                                return home to yourself...the source within yourself





focus, concentration, one-pointedness 
         attention is the thing being held to acheive
a state of total relaxed focus ( the real concentration)

         focusing a stream of attention leads one into
a state of meditation  



     meditation ~ experienced in motion or in stillness 
the contemplative consciousness~ 
yogic contemplation is a deep yet subtle state of unity 
dhyana is a state of extraordinary awareness
when the object of meditation is so completly absorbed in the  
consciousness that there is no perceived separation, than
samadhi can be experienced (bliss, unity, in tune with yourself
Source, and the Universe)

Yamas (social ethics/behaviors)
allow one to coexist peacefully in community

ahimsa ~ non-violence, non-harming, reducing harm
satya ~ truth
asteya ~ non- stealing
brahmacarya ~ appropriate use of ones vital energy
aparigraha ~ non- possessiveness


Niyamas (personal ethics/behaviors)
necessary for taking care of and developing oneself in
order to live a balanced life; all contribute to personal growth and freedom

sauca ~ cleanliness and purity of the body, mind and environment
santosa ~ outer and inner contentment
tapas ~ developing the body through a regular practice, causing change "heat"
svadhyaya ~ developing the mind through intellectual stimulation (self-study, observation, mantra)
isvarapranidhana ~ developing the spirit through devotion to a higher power

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