Yogini Karendayal
"life happens. live in the flow"

Bliss Life Yoga & Wellness
school of creating & living your own bliss life
through living yoga+ayurveda

51 Winthrop St. RT 44 Rehoboth,MA 02769


serving south eastern massachusetts + beyond 

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 "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source 
of all 
true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause twonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his eyes are closed "
                                                      ~ Albert Einstein

NEW Vitual Online Service 
email me at blisslifeyoga.com to inquire and set up a virtual appointment with me

"VIRTUAL BLISS": One on One Online
Yoga.Meditation.Spirtual Lifestyle Counseling
with Karendayal

What do you need?
How do you need to be supported?
What would you like at the end of your (=) Equal sign?


As your life's river guide I will help you with the
"What + What" = YOUR GOAL/DESIRE

Its time to allow and receive what you want!
I look forward to working with you

Your Investment

Bliss Express: 1 Individual Virtual Session (60mins)... $108
Committed Bliss: 4 Week Transformational Virtual Series...$360
(1) 60min session each week


Therapeutic Massage

the healing power of massage shakti

  treatments with Karendayal (LMT) are deeply healing experiences each and every time ~ shakti is the very force of healing starting with the energy of awareness that brings balance & integration  into all that it examines.  The professional precision of her well executed techniques, met with her clear and unmistakable intuition, allows you to be able to relax deeply knowing that you are receiving a specific and layered treatment that is just right for you ~ addresses  and  meets your therapeutic needs ~ nurtures and aligns on a muscular/skeletal, energetic/emotional levelyou will feel well rested, rejuvenated, receptive, creative and whole


  Energy/Pranic Healing: Reiki ~ Shakti Healing

  the human body is alive with energy that flows in and through it ~ the universal life force energy (prana) lives within our body and flows through all creation,  ~ sessions are gentle, non-invasive, hands on treatments to release inner blocks and return you back to inner wisdom, creating balance within the body, mind, and spirit, encouraging a stronger life energy flow, balanced chakras and more mental stability, more balanced emotions and helps you to be spiritually more at peace.

           strong energy flow results in radiant health, a positive and creative mind, and a    deep feeling of peace ~ imbalances can be felt as a tense body, lack of vitality, a  restless and confused  mind, and a general feeling (or lack of feeling) of depression or anxiety



                                        Herbal Ear Coning

  is a safe, pain free way to remove the excess earwax deposits and debris
out of the ear canal that contribute to an array of unwanted symptoms (sinus troubles, puffy eyes, headaches, ear aches, blocked or itchy ears and sore throats) ~ it also acts as a catalyst to clear the respiratory system and offers major stress relief, spiritual openings and emotional clearing ~ the deep nerve relaxation is soothing and with specific herbal blends is healing, balancing and tranquil



     Yoga Shakti: Private Yoga and or Meditation

  in these tailored sessions you can focus on deepening your understanding of yoga/meditationfind and experience your own sacred alignment ~ whether you want to deepen your experience of postures, flows, breathing practices, or receive guidance in establishing your own home practice, a private session is extremely beneficial ~ wonderful and highly recommended for the beginner yoga student to receive a proper intro to some basics of yoga to integrate in group classes ~ private sessions are amazing for the evolution of even the most seasoned yogi or yogini




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