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Be inspired by reading some of the following submissions from students/clients about Karendayal~Bliss Life Yoga throughout the years...Submitted by people just like you! Ready for positive transformation... choosing to live well... Conscious about being the positive change we all wish to feel in this world! Let's breathe the change together...Join Us!

Karendayal Foster  yogini/director of Bliss Life Yoga walks her talk like no other person I know!
~ Kathy Furze-Spencer
owner of Spencer Muscular Therapy, LMT, Reiki Master, Bach Flower Practitioner


Hi Karendayal!

I am writting to thank you for putting your heart and soul into every class you teach. I have been with you for a few years now, and I am grateful and really look forward to my yoga classes with you each week. I especially enjoy the wisdom you speak and the depth that you create for our practice. It is just what I need after I've been working all day and getting all stressed out! I leave your classes feeling refreshed..and you are right, eventually our "yoga practice " becomes our way of living, it helps me live everyday. I am learning to live my yoga. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn with you.
Thanks ~ Joan C.

Good Morning Karendayal!
Thank you so much for last nights yoga class! I must say I have taken a few yoga classes in my life else where and always felt that I couldn't really "do it", so I became frustrated, feeling as though I could never be someone who benefits from yoga. But your class was welcoming and amazing!...an experience I have never had before! You will be hearing from me again to come to class. So thank you again for your "welcomingness" (if thats even a word!) and all your personal attention you give, you have a great thing going, and I will not hesitate to recomend you to others!
Thanks again! I loved it! ~ Julie Etter

Hi Karendayal!
I just wanted to take this time to thank you for your caring and thoughtful ways. You truly are an inspiration to all your students and it is so obvious that you make a huge diffrence in their lives. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and your gifts. God has certainly blessed you and us to have you!!! Because our class ends in the evening hour, I feel that I never have the time to thank you properly. SO...THANK YOU KARENDAYAL!!:)
Namaste' ~ Patti

Dear Karendayal,
I am at a loss for words, and yet brimming with emotion.  Before we spoke tonight, your eyes caught mine.  And in that moment, you touched my soul.  It felt familiar in a way that I have not often experienced.  A recognition, a knowingness.  And after my "first" yoga class, I am still very certain that a new journey has just begun!  I think I always imagined myself there, but never quite got there.  Many, many thanks!  I am humbled by your essence.  I cannot completely explain what happened while I was at your studio.  I only know that I want more of that in my life always!  Looking forward to many more classes with you.
Peace ~ Susan Coffey

Dear Karendayal,
I want to thank you for offering your Global Mala event Friday night.  I am so very happy that I dedicated a night to my new favorite thing...yoga! (and all for a great cause!) In particular, I found the Yoga Trance Dance to be incredibly therapeutic.  I danced and felt so free.  It was as if I were seven years old again.  Midway through, I realized I was alternating between tears and laughter.  So cathardic and unifying!  I feel like your spirit and encouragement are helping me feel free and empowered.  I can't thank you enough for that.
With love and admiration ~ Nicole

Hello Karendayal,
I just wanted to let you know I loved class last night! When I left class, I realized it had probably been 1 and 1/2 years since I had attended a yoga class! Life circumstances just had not allowed it. I am so happy to have found a place so close to home that practices (and lives) "true yoga!" I look forward to class with you next week.
Thank You again ~ Gretchen

Greetings and Salutations!
WOW!...Absolutely, positively WOW!  Thoroughly enjoyed the Summer Solstice Celebration.  Timing was perfection, as was the blessing card divinely guided to me at evening's end.  I have had the good fortune to participate in other drumming circles at other locations before, but Summer Solstice at Bliss Life Yoga was especially powerful!  On the Richter Scale of intesity, I would have to give it a 10 plus!  The entire evening was beautiful, and I loved how you blended Earth-Based and Eastern-Yoga traditions.  It was beautiful!  Many thanks to you and all that were present.
Blessings ~ Robin, RI

All I have to say is "Mind Reader!"  When I am in yoga classes, I swear Karendayal tailors the class just for me (even though there may be 10 or more other students in class with me)!  I always receive just what I need.  Also, I got married last June and my husband and I decided to have Karendayal officiate our wedding.  We tailored it to our wants, adding poems and readings we felt represented us.  I told her we wanted to include our parents in the service as well somehow, and that I pictured flowers and a vase.  With that kernel of an idea, Karendayal created a beautiful, special parent ceremony.  There was not a dry eye in the house!  It was better than I could have ever imagined.  Karendayal becomes so in tune with you, and she deeply listens.  It is these qualities and more that keep me coming to her to engage in various ways of healing like yoga, reiki training, and massage treatments for the past eleven years.
Love and happiness ~ Bethany, Mansfield MA

When I was a little boy, I believed in something eternally beautiful and magical.  As a child, it was all just wonderment and magic.  And like most of us, as I grew older it all began to slip away...that is, until I met Karendayal.  She, above all others, has changed my life in extraordinary ways.  Karendayal has taught me of my inner gifts by sharing her inner gifts.  The same gifts inherent to all of us.  Something much greater, yet still a part of ourselves that facilitates healing, love, and understanding.  Something that enables us to truly know ourselves, our bodies, our subconscious.  To know our connection and our relationship to the Earth, to Source, and to each other.  Through her teachings, we begin to see and feel our individual paths with a clear sense of guidance and destiny.  There is simply no other teacher in the world like Karendayal.  She is one of a kind.  A true gift to anyone who's life she becomes a part of.  Of all the teachers I've studied with, and there have been many, only Karendayal has enabled me to continually empower myself with the highest teachings of wisdom, healing, and personal committment through the purest practices of yoga and body work.  Anyone who truly wants to reach their highest potential of body, mind, and spirit through the sacred practices of yoga and body work will only do so if they are fortunate enough to study and practice with Karendayal.
Sat Jot Singh ~ Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong Instructor / Reiki Master / Massage Therapist / Singer, Songwriter

I've been seeing Karendayal on a regular basis for eight years now. I see her mostly for body work, although I have also enjoyed yoga classes and workshops with her throughout the years.  Karendayal is a very special young woman who is wise beyond her years.  She always seems to intuitively know exactly what I need.  All interactions with her nourish the body, mind, and spirit, and are so much more than conventional "spa treatments."  I have come to be disappointed whenever I have body work that is not done by her because other therapists seem to lack the sense of intuition and body, mind, spirit connection.  She is a caring and nurturing person who is very genuine and sincere.  She has so much to offer and share.  I trust her implicitly and feel that my life has been made so much richer by my regular visits with her.  I am so grateful to have her as my massage therapist, teacher, and friend.
RLA ~ 36-year-old female

I've always liked to refer to Karendayal as my "soul sister."  Not only have I known her as a close friend since the age of 15, but Karendayal has also been a role model and an inspiration not only to me, but to others.  Attending Karendayal's yoga classes for over eight years now, I've noticed a significant change not only physically, but also spiritually.  It has allowed me to become more grounded within myself and towards other, and I have made the conscious decision to live a healthy lifestyle.  The practices were a tremendous help throughout my pregnancy as well.  The uplifting and motivated yoga classes which Karendayal offers have taught me and inspired me to "live my yoga" on a daily basis.  It has encouraged me to work towards a Yoga Teacher Certification, which it will be an honor to have Karendayal as my teacher.
Namaste ~ Mena Rebelo, Rumford RI

Hi Karendayal,
I am writing to tell you how much I truly love our yoga classes.  Not only is it a great physical workout, but more importantly it provides me with a great mind and soul experience as well.  You truly have the gift of helping others.  Your classes are totally stress free because you remind us always that it is our time, and that it is not about how you look in yoga but rather how you feel.  I always get my best night's sleep after our yoga class, and the next day is always brighter as well.  You always take the time to explain what we are doing and why, and you are always available to talk, whether before or after class.  A person cannot help but leave inspired and invigorated after spending time with you because you bring out the best in all of us and help us to see that the balance of mind, body, and soul is critical to a healthy life.  One of the best things I have done since moving to Rehoboth is definitely joining the Bliss Life Yoga tribe, and I hope to be able to continue to grow there for a very long time.
Thanks, Karendayal ~ Leslie Gouveia

Dearest Karendayal~
I am so blessed to have found my way to you and your soulful teachings! Doors are opening for me and my mind is clearing out all the clutter! "Shaking off" 2007 was awesome with you during your Sacred Winter Solstice! Thank You!
Love To You! ~ Sue Ribeiro

My husband and I live in Sharon, MA.  We have been going to Karendayal for the past eleven years.  We first met her in Mansfield, moved with her to Easton, and now where she is settled in Rehoboth.  Her healing massages, thoughts, and support have helped us through our lives when we have had problems.  Soon, we will be joining her yoga classes.  Karendayal is a wonderful person in her profession, and has given us helpful tips and encouragement to better ourselves in every day life.
Donna & Jeff

Eleven years ago, my wife found that a friend visited Karendayal off and on for massages so she decided that we had to try it too.  We did.  And since we first met Karendayal, she has relocated further and further away (Mansfield, Easton, and now Rehoboth...which is almost a 30-minute ride one way).  So having children, which makes time to yourself shorter, I have tried repeatedly to replace her with someone closer to home.  I've been as far as Mohegan Sun, and have had noone that could come even close to comparing.  We have grown fond of listening to Karendayal's background noise of trying to teach us the holistic and organic ways of life.  This buzzing went on up until last September when I finally awoke and started to listen to her because I had constant nasal discharge 24/7 that was ruining my life.  Then a friend got me to read the book "Natural Cures They Don't Want You to Know About."  Everything in the book made sense to me because Karendayal's words came forward and I started to listen more.  She taught me about ear coning, which just about cured my sinuses -- along with the fact that within four months after doing almost all the body cleanses and stopping all the medications (prescriptions, and non-prescription drugs) -- along with emptying the food pantry and stocking the house with all organic foods, that almost all my medical problems disappeared.  Things such as acid reflux, all allergies, increased lung capacity, and not to say the least...I put my sleap apnea machine in the closet!  Also, my blood pressure has dropped and steadied too.  Karendayal has been a steady, stable voice in the background as a constant reminder to come back to the good, healthy life.  To this day, I have given up trying to replace her.  Since she has a full plate, in between appointments I have to suffer through less than exacting therapy from other therapists.  I'm grateful for her work.  So here's to Karendayal and her family who put up with her late nights helping fortunate people like myself and my wife.
Jeff Gagnon ~ Sharon MA

Wow!  I look so forward to my yoga classes every week.  It's not only the physical, but very inspirational as well.  There's a lot of centeredness and focus, which is so empowering.  I feel all relaxed afterwards.  Physically, I have become stronger and more flexible.  Mentally, I feel so settled with myself.  Karendayal has been my teacher for about three to four years.  I only take a break in the summer for a session or two.  I can't miss it.  It is so important to me.  I like that it can be challenging, yet I can go at my own pace and there are many modifications implied if I need it.  Karendayal is an expert in suggesting any remedy or movement for any special ache or pain.  I have been very successful in relieving pain by following her advice.  Every session is different.  There is beautiful, interesting music, and sometimes we have poetry and inspirational messages read to us.  Karendayal's space is so comfortable and beautiful, it's a dream.  It's never boring, even though we may begin and end with a similar ritual, and there is complete relaxation or meditation towards the end of each session.  I have learned so much.
Peace ~ LM

My yoga classes bring my awareness to how simple and free our lives can be.  I am always excited for the next class, never knowing what we may explore.  Karendayal always teaches something different and it's always a pleasure to enjoy the time for ourselves, knowing that we only have to think about what we want to do for our own bodies and not what others might expect of us.  Her teachings are deep and go way beyond the physical.  I walk into the studio and there is always a wonderful sensation of calmess and welcoming.  Her music selection brings me to a comfort zone, and I'm within myself to my awareness to how beautiful I am.  My most favorite class is when we experience Yoga Trance Dance and the incredible world-music sounds.  She encourages us to feel and release the real us and move past fear into ourselves.  Karendayal is a wonderul teacher and I recommend her to anyone who is looking to get in shape physically and mentally, experience freedom, and find peace within themselves.  I have been with her for almost 2 years now, and I really like her as a teacher.  She is one of a kind.
Thank you, Karendayal ~ Katie Caouette

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