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 Yoga, Therapeutic Massage/Bodywork, Reiki Energy Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Meditation, Kirtans, Pujas, Guest Teachers & Workshops, Celebrations and Events for the 21st century ~ Soulful and Transforming for Ourselves and the World ~ Conscious Evolution ~ Creating a Global Family ~ Reach and Serve ~ Be Inspired ~ Live in the Flow ~ 
Om Love!

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   Some of you have known me for many years now. Those of you that are new to Bliss Life Yoga, I look forward to the day our paths cross. I deeply honor and live in the flow of life, change, and transformation. Yoga is my path, my way of life, my healer, and my teacher.  Since the age of 5, I have been immersed in the healing arts and spirituality. I know I am living my soul's purpose, and am passionate about spreading the gifts of yoga as a conscious way to live in harmony with ourselves and all we share this planet with. Igniting the spark of "feeling good on purpose" within others, I serve to inspire and awaken you to your own souls purpose; to live love and yoga and to honor and flow with the expansion and evolution of your own soul to live your own bliss life.

     I invite you to join in on the adventures to honor the evolution of your soul and to answer your inner call to following your own bliss. What better time to be living than right now! What are you on this earth for?  It is your time to shine! Awaken and live as the deliberate creator of your life that you are! Surrender into the mystery of life and enjoy the ride!

     Come experience and develop deeper awareness of who and what you are, and what you are creating in each moment. "Life happens. Live in the flow."™ Understand that joy, bliss, and happiness is a choice ~ allow yoga to heal, transform, and guide          you along your own sacred journey into living in the flow and you can easily choose it! 

                   Bright Blessings to you as you continue to create and live your own bliss life!

                                                                      Om Shanti~ Yogini Karendayal

"Yoga is the intelligence of prana (life force) seeking greater evolutionary transformations" ~ Dr. David Frawley

"My wish for you as you have your own enchanted discoveries along your path is  that you remember love and your inner divinity, celebrate life and persevere through its challenges, laugh often, trust and co-create with the Universe, share your gifts                                                                     and light with others and just be you! " ~ Karendayal Devi 

professional bio

Yogini Karendayal E-RYT 500, LMT, is the founder and creative director of "Life happens. Live in the flow" Bliss Life YogaTM  Karendayal created Bliss Life Yoga as a school for creating and living your own bliss life ~ through living yoga. She is a 500 hour Certified and Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500), registered through the National Yoga Alliance. She is also near completion of an additional Certified 500hrs with her world renowned Master Yoga Teacher Shiva Rea, within the Samudra Global School of Living Yoga. Karendayal has been in deep studies with Shiva Rea and is gratefully a part of the Global Vinyasa Tribe Collective as an assistant/mentor within Shiva's Samudra Global School for Living Yoga Teacher Training Program. Karendayal is dedicated to living yoga and continues to receive sacred transmission and continued studies with Masters within their field such as, Christopher Tompkins, Dr. Paul Muller Ortega (Kashmir Shaivism Tantra, Professor and Top Scholar of Religion at the University of Rochester,NY) Dr. David Frawley (Ayurveda,Tantra, Veda & Yoga..living rishi,world renowned teacher/author/authority on hindu philosophy & scripture) and Vedic Mantras with Indian Priest Sri Shiva Kumar... she has completed Advanced Chakra Training with Anodea Judith, Ph.D, ( one of the country's top experts on the chakra system, internationally recognized author/teacher on evolutionary psychology based mind/body therapies). Karendayal has earned Level II Teacher Training in The Radiant Child Yoga Program ~ Kundalini Yoga for Children (from Shakta Kaur Khalsa) , and studies & utilizes  Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan PhD/Master of Kundalini Yoga) and is always inspired by her teacher/guide/mentor Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, ( world renowned Master Kundalini Yoga Teacher & founder of Golden Bridge Yoga Center in CA). Karendayal holds other specialized certificates of training in Dance Yoga (from Kim Valeri), Pre-Natal Yoga (from Dr. Curtis Cetrulo, MD, OB/GYN), and Meridian Hatha Yoga (from Daniel Orlansky) and has attended workshops on Anusara Yoga with Todd Norian. She
 received her first 500 hr Certified Teacher Training in Hatha Yoga in 1999.  Karendayal continues to be a life-long student/teacher ofyoga, metaphysics, spiritualitythe healing arts, and complimentary holistic healthcare. Karendayal has been sacredly initiated deeper by the shakti during her pilgrimage in India, where she experienced all the magic and vibrancy that going home to the roots/source of yoga could offer. She teaches Prana FlowYoga, Kundalini YogaMeditation, Yoga Trance Dance Celebrations,The Art of Deliberate Creating and Ritual Celebrations as part of her living yoga. Karendayal serves life and love the best way she can and in all ways she knows how.
Karendayal is also Licensed and Certified
 in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (from Bancroft School of Massage Therapy '93), an Independent Reiki Master/
Teacheran Integrated Energy Therapy Master/Teacher, a Trained Certified Hypnotherapistand has a Bachelor of Divinity in Ministerial Counseling and Metaphysical Healing ordained through Universal Brotherhood Movement.  As a Spiritual Advisor/Interfaith Minister, she has dedicated her life to guiding and serving others on their sacred journey to wholeness for their personal and spiritual development and growth.  Karendayal is a popular therapist,bringing great reliefinspiration, and empowerment through her wisdomskill, intuition
and precision of body and energy work.
teacher/ life's river guide
As a respected and popular teacher, she infuses her classes with yogic technologyancient wisdomlife experience, discipline,fun, and humor in her own eclectic style.  She is well known and appreciated for her ability to intuitvely teach each class with ease, creating a sacred well of wellness to drink from, connnecting and flowing with the personal energy of the class and the dance of prana (life force energy) to uplift and elevate those in her presence.  Karendayal is honored and  inspired to live by her spiritual name Dayal Kaur,  blessed and given to her by the late Yogi Bhajan (PhD, Master of Kundalini Yoga).  Her name means "the princess who gives with kindness." Throughout the years her birth name of Karen has yoked with her given spiritual name DayalKarendayal is passionate about spreading the gifts of yoga/healing arts and dance as a conscious way to become awakened and free, to live our own sacred truth and evolution in harmony with ourselves and all that we share the planet with.

personal bio

Karendayal's life has always been immersed in spirituality, yoga and the healing arts, strengthened and guided by Eastern 
and philosophy.  Her true teacher/therapist roots began and took hold at the age of 5, a few years after her brother was diagnosed with Werdnig Hoffman Disease.  Medically, they were told that children with this disease did not live past theage of 2 and that he would die.The medical profession had nothing to offer him at the time except for a "2 year life expectancy," so the family needed to seek an alternative route to see if he could be saved Karendayal grew up in a household that, through these circumstancesoffered her the opportunity to study and experience beginning at such a young age alongside her brother's therapists, chiropractors, deep muscle therapists, acupuncturists, chinese/tibetan medicine healers, and an array of leading edge complimentary and wholistic healthcare providers.  She was always in their books and chartsbeing quizzedwatching, and being instructed on what to do to help facilitate continued life for her brother. Massaging, moving limbs with passive yogic asanasexploring energyguided imagerypower of the mind and thoughts,prayer, sound currentsand spirituality were her playground.  Her not your average childhood journey had allowed her to receive the highest form of education/transmissiontransferred through amazing life experiencesbefore she began her professional training in the healing arts at the age of 16It was around that timethat she also started to practice yoga more deeply for herself. Before even graduating highschool she was already accepted and enrolled into a Professional Massage Therapy School. She was told by the director that at that time, she was the youngest student they ever accepted into the Bancroft School Program in '92Along with her intensive therapist studiesKarendayal would arrive "extra early" before her class day would begin to practice yoga with her shiatsu teacher. Soon all her extra credit, and projects were on the topic of yogaenergy anatomy and unifying yoga with massageShe began teaching her massage therapy clients yoga as part of there post treatmentsAfter years of self study and personal practice  she was enrolled in her first 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program in '97


The true miracle and blessing is that, through natural medicine, an array of healing modalities and complimentary healthcare, a heart full of love, and a big life purpose to live out, her brother has surpassed all the odds and is still living today (which is rare, to say the least, since the life expectancy of someone with his condition is still only 2 years). Now in his 30's, her brother Kevin is bound by a motorized wheelchair with his over a 90 degree curve of scoliosis of his spine. (after his vertebra come down his neck you will find his spine on his side... (and a list of mind blowing symptoms that through the grace of god and a huge personal life purpose to live out, does he still function and live on earth!) He has personal care attendants around the clock to serve his physical daily living needs, but lives independently in his own home in Nashville,TN and follows his bliss  as a country music songwriter with a Masters Degree in Psychology!  Karendayal truly lives and understands the meaning of "there are no limits or boundaries except for the limitations one puts on themselves within their own mind."  Perservering through her own lifes challenges along her path and having the gift of her brother, she grew up with and now professionally teaches and inspires others on the mind's influence over the body and our thoughts, and the power of your mind and thoughts as the creative force to your reality.  She began her professional private practice in 1993 and continues to grow and serve both professionally and personally. She is intuitively guided and continually creates and lives her own ever changing bliss life ~ through living yoga along her souls path.

Karendayal's most influential master teacher's and source of inspiration...

Although there have been many and continue to be many along her path, she has received the most sacred and deepest transmissions from these great beings, her 2 boys Aiden & Colin, her world renowned main teachers Shiva Rea and Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa and her brother Kevin. 

www.shivarea.com                                                                                            www.goldenbridgeyoga.com 



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